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Dr. Kerstin Barth


Dr. Kerstin  Barth
Trenthorst 32
23847 Westerau
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+49 4539 8880 120


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  1. Barth K (2020) Effects of suckling on milk yield and milk composition of dairy cows in cow-calf contact systems. J Dairy Res 87(S1):133-137, DOI:10.1017/S0022029920000515
    PDF Dokument (nicht barrierefrei) 127 KB
  2. Meyer D, Haeussermann A, Barth K, Lingner S, Hartung E (2020) Evaluation of three methods to assess the degree of milk-out in dairy cows. Animal 14(1):190-197, DOI:10.1017/S1751731119001757
  3. Sirovnik J, Barth K, de Oliveira D, Ferneborg S, Haskell MJ, Hillmann E, Jensen MB, Mejdell CM, Napolitano F, Vaarst M, Verwer CM, Waiblinger S, Zipp KA, Johnsen J F (2020) Methodological terminology and definitions for research and discussion of cow-calf contact systems. J Dairy Res 87(S1):108-114, DOI:10.1017/S0022029920000564
    PDF Dokument (nicht barrierefrei) 167 KB
  4. de Oliveira D, Barth K, Haskell MJ, Hillmann E, Jensen MB, Johnsen J F, Mejdell CM, Waiblinger S, Ferneborg S (2020) Methodology for experimental and observational animal studies in cow-calf contact systems. J Dairy Res 87(S1):115-121, DOI:10.1017/S0022029920000552
    PDF Dokument (nicht barrierefrei) 164 KB
  5. Waiblinger S, Wagner K, Hillmann E, Barth K (2020) Play and social behaviour of calves with or without access to their dam and other cows. J Dairy Res 87(S1):144-147, DOI:10.1017/S0022029920000540
    PDF Dokument (nicht barrierefrei) 189 KB
  6. Guillaume M, Barth K, Benoit M, Brock C, Destruel M, Dumont B, Grillot M, Hübner S, Magne M-A, Moerman M, Mosnier C, Parsons D, Ronchi B, Schanz L, Steinmetz L, Werne S, Winckler C, Primi R (2020) Potential of multi-species livestock farming to improve the sustainability of livestock farms: A review. Agric Syst 181:102821, DOI:10.1016/j.agsy.2020.102821
  7. Placzek M, Christoph-Schulz IB, Barth K (2020) Public attitude towards cow-calf separation and other common practices of calf rearing in dairy farming - a review. Organic Agric:in Press, DOI:10.1007/s13165-020-00321-3
    PDF Dokument (nicht barrierefrei) 361 KB
  8. Waiblinger S, Wagner K, Hillmann E, Barth K (2020) Short- and long-term effects of rearing dairy calves with contact to their mother on their reactions towards humans. J Dairy Res 87(S1):148-153, DOI:10.1017/S0022029920000576
    PDF Dokument (nicht barrierefrei) 213 KB
  9. Tergast H, Schumacher W, Barth K (2019) Das Kalb länger bei der Kuh lassen? DLG Mitt(2):60-62
  10. Barth K (2019) Effects of a 3-month nursing period on fertility and milk yield of cows in their first lactation. In: Newberry RC, Braastad BO (eds) ISAE 2019 : proceedings of the 53rd Congress of the ISAE ; 5th - 9th August, 2019, Bergen, Norway ; Animal Lives Worth Living. Wageningen: Wageningen Academic Publ, p 85

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