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The world oceans cover 71 percent of the Earth's surface and contain 97 percent of the planet's water. They play a central role in the earth’s climate and weather systems and are unique habitats for fish finally ending up on our plates. How can we make sure that our oceans and marine ecosystems continue to fare well in future, and provide the services we critically depend upon?

Seas are under pressure. The changing climate alters habitat properties. And various interests compete for limited space and ecosystem services provided by the oceans. Fisheries and mariculture supply us with seafood and create jobs for thousands of people. At the same time, off-shore energy is to be harnessed in the oceans and about 900 ships are sailing the North Sea at any time. Last but not least, rivers discharge heavy nutrient and pollutant loads into the sea.

How can the numerous uses and conflicting interests be solved in such a way that we can preserve these valuable ecosystems in future, and still be able to harvest living resources sustainably - even if environmental conditions change? Are the oceans still providing viable habitats for marine life? To answer these questions, profound knowledge about the oceans is crucial. We need reliable observations and data collected consistently over many years. In Germany, the Thünen Institute is responsible for much of the long-term monitoring of living marine resources and the marine environment. To this end we examine not only fish stocks and invertebrate organisms but also the physical and chemical properties of water bodies and the seafloor. Pollutant levels and radioactive substances in fish as well as frequency and intensity of fish diseases serve as indicators of environmental pollution. This work directly feeds into a dialogue between our scientists and political decision makers with a view to achieving good environmental status as formulated in the European Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD). By 2020 all European seas should be in "good environmental status".

Determining the status of living marine resources and environment is a European task as marine systems are interconnected across national borders. The Thünen Institute with its long-term data collection- and research programs is deeply involved in this work. In international working groups our experts contribute to the development of evaluation methods and environmental standards. At the same time we keep an eye on what’s happening on our own doorstep, i.e. in the German exclusive economic zone in the North and Baltic Seas and zoom in on local issues. Besides environmental assessment, this encompasses particularly the examination of climate effects on local habitats, fish stocks and communities as well as anthropogenic influences. The entire suite of activities helps to improve our predictions of future developments, and to provide fisheries and marine policy with viable concepts for managing living resources and the marine environment.



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Thünen explains: Herring Trapped in Climate Change
The herring stock in the Western Baltic Sea has been producing fewer and fewer offspring for years. In our multimedia feature we explain how climate change impacts herring productivity and what we did over the last 15 years to discover this.
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The Baltic Sea - a Special Ecosystem
The Baltic Sea is the largest coherent brackish sea area worldwide
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Ocean climate
Factors like circulation patterns, temperature, salinity and pH define the properties of a habitat and, with it, its productivity and the distribution of fish species. In the Thünen Institute we study the influence of the physics of the ocean on fishes and marine ecosystems.
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No fisheries research without research vessels
Scientific cruising in the North Sea, the Baltic Sea and in other parts of the oceans.
 (©  Marc-Oliver Aust)
The good, the bad and the ugly – integrated assessment of the marine environment
"Good" or "not good", that is the question as to the environmental state of the European seas.
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Marine Spatial Planning
Fisheries, offshore wind farms, nature conservation, shipping, and also research: more and more actors compete for coastal regions of the seas. How to arrange these claims in a sound way?





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ongoing fiCONMAR-Fish: Marine dumped munition and fishDec 20212021-01Nov 20242024-01
ongoing fiClean Fish - alternative food from cell cultureOct 20212021-01Sep 20232023-01
ongoing sfShaping Ecosystem Based Fisheries Management Oct 20212021-01Sep 20252025-01
ongoing ofHyFiVe - Hydrography on Fishing VesselsJul 20212021-01Aug 20242024-01
ongoing ofAdaptation of the Western Baltic Coastal Fishery to Climate ChangeNov 20202020-01Oct 20232023-01
ongoing ofSFI Biodegradable plastics for use in fisheriesNov 20202020-01Oct 20282028-01
ongoing sfInteractions between fisheries, biodiversity and food webs (BioWeb).Nov 20202020-01Oct 20232023-01
ongoing sfMuSSeL: Multiple Stressors on North Sea LifeNov 20202020-01Oct 20232023-01
ongoing fiAssessing the biodiversity of eels in TanzaniaOct 20202020-01Sep 20222022-01
ongoing sfClimate Change and Future Marine Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity (FutureMARES)Sep 20202020-01Aug 20242024-01
ongoing ofWhat is the state of our coastal fish community?Sep 20202020-01Dec 20232023-01
ongoing ofRecreational fishing in GermanyJul 20202020-01Dec 20222022-01
completed fiThe spawning migration of eels in the Baltic SeaMay 20202020-01Dec 20202020-01
ongoing ofA tool for fishing gear optimisation (SimuNet)Apr 20202020-01Jun 20232023-01
ongoing ofWhat are the effects of a bottom trawl fisheries?Mar 20202020-01Feb 20232023-01
ongoing sfExclusion of mobile bottom-fishing in the German Natura 2000 areasMar 20202020-01Feb 20232023-01
ongoing sf,fiCombatting climate change - a new Masters Course in Cabo VerdeJan 20202020-01Dec 20242024-01
completed sfChanging fish habitats: trends in the development of benthic infaunaDec 20192019-01Oct 20212021-01
completed fiDCF-Bottom-dwelling fish: Dumped munition and their influence on Baltic fishNov 20192019-01Dec 20202020-01
ongoing ofAgent-based modelling of angler behaviourJul 20192019-01Jul 20222022-01
ongoing sfShedding light on the South Atlantic: a status assessmentJun 20192019-01May 20232023-01
ongoing sfEstablishment of a trilateral UFO network of mobile, portable and stationary units for an automatic, continuous, non-invasive monitoring of fish stocks in the Bay of KielMay 20192019-01Jun 20222022-01
ongoing ofMarEEshift - Marine ecological economic systems in the Western Baltic SeaMay 20192019-01Apr 20222022-01
ongoing ofQuantitative contribution of inshore coastal waters to herring population dynamicsMay 20192019-01Dec 20202020-01
ongoing sf,fiEvaluating methods for discriminating stock components of Atlantic Herring in the North SeaMar 20192019-01Dec 20202020-01
ongoing sfSeaUseTip - Tipping points of the socio-ecological system of the North SeaMar 20192019-01Feb 20222022-01
ongoing fiSpecies identification of crustaceansFeb 20192019-01Feb 20222022-01
completed sfFishNet - Food webs in coastal waters of Schleswig-Holstein with a focus on fish.Dec 20182018-01Aug 20192019-01
completed ol,atLandLessFood - conceptOct 20182018-01Sep 20202020-01
ongoing sfTHRESHOLDS: How does climate affect baby herring in the North Sea?Sep 20182018-01Dec 20212021-01
ongoing sfA close look at the productivity of the Benguela Upwelling SystemJul 20182018-01Jun 20212021-01
completed ofMarine debris and what anglers can doJul 20182018-01Feb 20192019-01
ongoing sfNovel ways to manage oceanic resourcesMay 20182018-01Apr 20222022-01
completed sfManagement of bycatch stocks in mixed fisheriesMay 20182018-01May 20212021-01
completed sfOffshore wind farms in the context of ecosystem-based marine spatial managementMar 20182018-01Feb 20202020-01
ongoing of Reduction of plastic waste from the brown shrimp fishery through gear modifications (DRopS)Jan 20182018-01Aug 20212021-01
completed lr Microplastic in the environment – Analyses of the Weser catchmentSep 20172017-01Apr 20212021-01
completed fiThe effects of hydrostatic pressure on the swimming physiology of eelsAug 20172017-01Jul 20212021-01
ongoing fiPlasM - Microplastic in FishJul 20172017-01Dec 20212021-01
completed sf,fiTipping points of the socioecological system of the North Sea (SeaUseTip) Jul 20172017-01Jun 20182018-01
ongoing sfHTTP - Helgoland Tope Tagging ProjectJul 20172017-01Dec 20202020-01
ongoing fi,lr,atMicroplastic in field, river and seaJul 20172017-01Dec 20212021-01
ongoing fiCOFISHMAP - contaminated fish habitats in MoroccoMay 20172017-01Aug 20222022-01
completed akSEACRIFOGMar 20172017-01Aug 20202020-01
completed of,sfGovernance analysis of the Common Fisheries PolicyJan 20172017-01Dec 20182018-01
ongoing ofGill net fisheries: Development of alternative management approaches (STELLA)Nov 20162016-01Jan 20202020-01
completed fiHampering illegal fishing activities and seafood fraud by means of DNA profilingSep 20162016-01Dec 20202020-01
ongoing ofAgent-based modelling of Baltic codAug 20162016-01Dec 20222022-01
completed sf,fiNOAH2: North Sea - Observation and Assessment of HabitatsApr 20162016-01Mar 20192019-01
completed fiDAIMON 1&2 - How to manage dumped munition in the Baltic seaMar 20162016-01Jan 20212021-01
completed ofTagging Baltic Sea cod (TABACOD)Mar 20162016-01May 20202020-01
completed of,fiPopulation structure of selected commercial fish in the Baltic SeaFeb 20162016-01Mar 20212021-01
completed sf,ofManagement of data-poor stocksDec 20152015-01Dec 20172017-01
completed sfImplications of climatic changes on fish stocks and fisheries off East GreenlandNov 20152015-01Nov 20192019-01
completed sfHow to meet the growing European demand for aquatic food products? (AquaSpace)Mar 20152015-01Feb 20182018-01
ongoing sfAHOI : A physical-statistical model of hydrography for fishery and ecology studiesJan 20152015-01Dec 20272027-01
completed sfFish monitoring in the Wadden SeaJul 20142014-01Sep 20152015-01
completed ofBONUS Project INSPIREFeb 20142014-01Jan 20182018-01
completed fiArtificial reproduction of the European EelFeb 20142014-01Jul 20172017-01
ongoing sf,ofImpact of Natura 2000 management measuresJan 20142014-01Dec 20272027-01
completed sfEnhancing Prediction of Tropical Atlantic Climate and its impacts (PREFACE)Nov 20132013-01Oct 20172017-01
completed sfMonitoring Programme for the North Sea and Celtic Sea (JMP NS/CS)Oct 20132013-01May 20152015-01
completed fiMODUM project: Chemical munitions in the seaOct 20132013-01Sep 20162016-01
ongoing ofHow old is a fish? Age validation studies on wild fishSep 20132013-01Dec 20272027-01
completed sfMaritime Spatial Planning, Marine Strategy Framework Directive and biodiversity of North Sea fishSep 20132013-01Apr 20172017-01
completed sf,fi,ofHightech for fisheries research (AutoMAt)Jul 20132013-01Jun 20152015-01
completed sfUFOs in the North Sea ...Jul 20132013-01Jun 20152015-01
completed fiFish identification by genetic barcodingJul 20132013-01Dec 20152015-01
completed fiHow do silver eels migrate back to the ocean?Jul 20132013-01Dec 20152015-01
completed of,sfBONUS-Project: BIO-C3Jun 20132013-01Dec 20172017-01
completed sf,fiNOAH1: North Sea - Observation and Assessment of HabitatsApr 20132013-01Mar 20162016-01
completed sfEcosystem Approach to the management of fisheries and the marine environment in West African waters (AWA)Feb 20132013-01Jan 20172017-01
completed sf,ofStudy on stomach content of fishJan 20132013-01Dec 20142014-01
completed sf,ofOptimised brown shrimp fishery (CRANNET)Dec 20122012-01Sep 20152015-01
completed ofPorpoise Alarm Projekt (PAL)Dec 20122012-01Jun 20172017-01
completed sfWhat we can learn from distant coral reefs (BEST-CORAL)Sep 20122012-01Aug 20152015-01
completed of,sf Developement of an Electronic Monitoring System to controll fisheries (Fish'EM)Jul 20122012-01Dec 20152015-01
completed sfCombination of offshore wind parks and marine aquaculture in the North sea - a realistic scenario?Apr 20122012-01Mar 20152015-01
completed fiCombination of offshore wind farms and marine aquaculture in the North sea - a realistic scenario?Apr 20122012-01Aug 20152015-01
completed sfMaximising yield of fisheries while balancing ecosystem, economic and social concerns (MYFISH)Mar 20122012-01Feb 20162016-01
completed ofCatch Quota Management PilotJan 20122012-01Dec 20172017-01
completed of,sfPulse trawl for shrimp fisheryDec 20112011-01Mar 20142014-01
completed sfRedfish with a labelNov 20112011-01Mar 20142014-01
completed fiCHEMSEA project: Chemical munitions in the seaJun 20112011-01Mar 20142014-01
completed sfVectors of Change in Oceans and Seas Marine Life, Impact on Economic Sectors (VECTORS)Feb 20112011-01Jan 20152015-01
ongoing fiStudies in the spawning area of the European eelFeb 20112011-01Dec 20272027-01
completed sfInteraction in European coastal waters: A roadmap to sustainable integration of aquaculture and fisheries (COEXIST)Apr 20102010-01Mar 20132013-01
ongoing sf,fi,ofImplementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD)Apr 20102010-01Dec 20272027-01
ongoing ofFish stocks onlineFeb 20102010-01Jan 20222022-01
completed sfTools for Marine Spatial Planning (MESMA)Jan 20102010-01Dec 20132013-01
ongoing fiThe "Fish Disease Index"Jan 20102010-01Dec 20232023-01
completed fiMigratory fish species in the North Sea regionSep 20092009-01Mar 20132013-01
completed ofFish and fisheries in the Fehmarn BeltAug 20092009-01Jul 20142014-01
ongoing of,fi,sfWhen is Good Environmental Status achieved?May 20092009-01Dec 20202020-01
completed ofDoes a new power plant harm herring spawn?Mar 20092009-01Aug 20092009-01
ongoing fiDCF-Aal: As you sow, so you shall reap - habitat related secondary influences on EelsMar 20092009-01Dec 20272027-01
completed fiPopulation genetics of antarctic icefishesFeb 20092009-01Aug 20122012-01
completed of,sfFisheries Management in Natura 2000 areasJan 20092009-01Dec 20132013-01
ongoing sfBiological Oceanography - How Physics Affects BiologyJul 20082008-01Dec 20272027-01
ongoing sfRisk assessment in fisheries managementJan 20082008-01Dec 20272027-01
ongoing sfAnalyses of fishery effort in German fishing fleetsJan 20082008-01Dec 20272027-01
ongoing sfEnhancement of multi-species assessment modelsJan 20082008-01Dec 20272027-01
completed ofOtoliths make the differenceJul 20072007-01Jan 20162016-01
ongoing of,sfBaltic Sea Fisheries: A bank for our dataJan 20062006-01Dec 20272027-01
ongoing of,sfScience onboard of German fishing vessels: Catch sampling in the Baltic SeaJan 20012001-01Dec 20272027-01
ongoing of,sfProcessing of German fisheries data for use in stock assessment of commercially used stocks in the Baltic SeaJan 20012001-01Dec 20272027-01
ongoing of,sfCoordination of data collection from commerical fisheries in the Baltic SeaJan 20012001-01Dec 20272027-01
ongoing ofHow big is the bycatch?Jan 20012001-01Dec 20202020-01
ongoing ofGerman Sea Angling ProgramJan 20012001-01Dec 20232023-01
ongoing ofFrom a fish sample to stock assessmentJan 20012001-01Nov 20272027-01
ongoing of,sfFisheries research surveys: Monitoring of fish communitiesJan 20012001-01Dec 20272027-01
ongoing fiMonitoring of hazardous substances in marine biotaJan 20012001-01Dec 20232023-01
ongoing fiOptimisation of measurement methods alpha- and beta emitting radionuclidesJan 20012001-01Dec 20272027-01
ongoing ofWhat is the catch of gillnet fishermen?Jan 20012001-01Dec 20272027-01
ongoing of,sfFishes of the Baltic Sea - counted once yearlyJan 20012001-01Dec 20272027-01
ongoing of,sfImproved calculations with fish dataJan 20012001-01Dec 20272027-01
ongoing ofRed List FishJan 20012001-01Dec 20232023-01
ongoing of,sfICES delegateJan 20012001-01Dec 20202020-01
ongoing ofImproving selectivity of trawlsJan 20012001-01Dec 20182018-01
ongoing ofHerring recruitmentJan 20012001-01
ongoing sfOceanographic baseline monitoring: collection and provision of hydrographic data from the North AtlanticJan 20012001-01Dec 20272027-01
ongoing sfAssessment of pelagic fish stocks in the North Sea and North AtlanticJan 20012001-01Dec 20272027-01
ongoing sfSustainable exploitation of North Sea and North Atlantic fish stocksJan 20012001-01Dec 20272027-01
ongoing sfHydroacoustics - Methods, Applications, DevelopmentJan 20012001-01Dec 20202020-01
ongoing sfSufficient offspring for brown shrimp?Jan 20012001-01Dec 20272027-01
ongoing sfWhat are they? And how many are they?Jan 20012001-01Dec 20202020-01
ongoing sfYoungfish in German coastal watersJan 20012001-01Dec 20272027-01
ongoing fi,sf,ofIntegrated chemical and biological monitoringJan 20012001-01Dec 20232023-01
ongoing fi,sf,ofHow many marine litter lies at the sea floor?Dec 19871987-01Dec 20232023-01
ongoing fiFish Diseases in the North Sea and Baltic SeaJan 19871987-01Dec 20232023-01


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(limited accessibility)
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(limited accessibility)
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(limited accessibility)
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(limited accessibility)
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(limited accessibility)
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(limited accessibility)
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(limited accessibility)
 8447 kb
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(limited accessibility)
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(limited accessibility)
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(limited accessibility)
 4949 kb
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(limited accessibility)
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(limited accessibility)
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(limited accessibility)
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(limited accessibility)
 3136 kb
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(limited accessibility)
 1654 kb
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(limited accessibility)
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(limited accessibility)
 1215 kb
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 1130 kb
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(limited accessibility)
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(limited accessibility)
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