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The Thünen Institute sees itself as a family-conscious employer and has set itself the goal of making working hours, work processes, management behavior, communication and personnel development as family-friendly as possible. The idea of reconciling work and family life is incorporated into many measures - from part-time work and home office to the leadership model. The Thünen Institute has been certified with the "audit berufundfamilie" since fall 2021.

Child care

The kindergarden Krümelkiste is located directly on-site the Thünen campus in Braunschweig. More information about child care, education and living in Braunschweig on "Braunschweig best choice".

CJD International School Braunschweig-Wolfsburg

Information about child care in Hamburg on Hamburg/Kitas (in German).

Information about child care in Bremerhaven on Bremerhaven (in German).

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