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Current Press Releases

More press releases in German on our German website.

First studies on the enrichment of humus by flower strips

Ein Blühstreifen mit einer Sonnenblume im Vordergrund.

Scientists of the Thünen Institute do not expect a significant decrease in consumption of wood products in the EU, but an increase in production in non-EU countries

Holzpolter im Hafen mit Kran

Researchers discover a connection between deep-sea fish and the impacts of climate change at the surface

Blick über das Achterdeck auf mit Schnee bedeckte Berge und das Wasser

Scientists from the Thünen Institute have demonstrated that the domestic shark species displays a change in swimming behavior when migrating from the shallow North Sea into the ocean

Thünen Institute proposes concepts for joint land use by wind farm operators and fisheries

Windräder stehen im Meer

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