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Ein beginnender Waldbrand

Fire in the forest! What to do?

04. August 2022

The risk of forest fires is high again this year. There is a lot of dry wood in the forest and, as the 2021 Forest Condition Survey shows, the trees are severely affected by the drought of recent years. What you can do personally if you discover a fire.


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Holzpolter im Hafen mit Kran
Timber production will shift, once EU biodiversity strategy is implemented

Scientists of the Thünen Institute do not expect a significant decrease in consumption of wood products in the EU, but an increase in production in non-EU countries

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The deep sea in rhythm with climate change

Researchers discover a connection between deep-sea fish and the impacts of climate change at the surface

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From the German Bight into the deep sea: The amazing migration of tope

Scientists from the Thünen Institute have demonstrated that the domestic shark species displays a change in swimming behavior when migrating from the shallow North Sea into the ocean

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The Thünen Institute.

Research and policy advice on rural areas, agriculture, forests and fisheries.

As a research institute in the portfolio of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL), we work at the interface of science, politics and society.

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