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When is Good Environmental Status achieved?

Meeresstrategie Rahmenrichtlinie
© Thünen-Institut/D. Stepputtis
Mit der Meeresstrategie-Rahmenrichtlinie möchte die EU einen “Guten Umweltzustand” für ihre Meere erreichen.

Development of suitable indicators for the Marine Strategy Framework of the EU-COM

To measure, if and when the targets of the EU's Marine Strategie Framework Directive (MSFD) are achieved, we need a variety of indicators. We are developing them in national and international working groups. 

Background and Objective

By adopting the Marine Strategy Framework Directive in 2008, the EU wants to achieve a 'good environmental status' for its seas by 2020. Responsible for the implementation of the directive are the single member states, that should coordinate their measures within existent regional seas conventions, like HELCOM for the Baltic.


Our scientists develop in cooperation with other Thünen Institutes scientifically sound indicators to evaluate the status of the ecosystem.

Involved external Thünen-Partners

  • Bundesamt für Naturschutz BfN
    (Bonn/Vilm, Deutschland)


5.2009 - 12.2027

More Information

Project status: ongoing

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