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HF Wood Research

Projects in research area Bio-based Resources and Materials


Evaluation of the Charter for Wood 2.0
Ressource Holz (©  Thünen-Institut/Michael Welling)
Influence of particle geometry on material properties and optimization of material consumption
Measuring device for three-dimensional size measurement (©  Jürgen Bartels)
Holzfaserstoffe als Torfersatz
HoFaTo_Symbobild (©  Thünen-Institut, Julius-Kühn-Institut)
Putting more nature on paper
Robinie (Robinia pseudoacacia) in Hanstedt und Struktur Kaempferol (©  Thünen-Institut/Mattias Rütze, Jörn Appelt)
Development of lignin-based polyurethanes for foams and adhesives.
 (©  Thünen-Institut)
Development of a climate cell for nano-tomography measurements
Volume rendering of the cell wall (©
Environmentally friendly production of reinforcing fibers for waste paper packaging papers
 (©  Kenishirotie -

Completed projects

Alternative, formaldehyd-free binders for wood based composite materials
 (©  )
Bio-based polymers and materials
 (©  CrazyCloud -
Biorefinery 2021
 Bioraffinerie 2021 (©  TuTech, Hamburg)
Fuels out of a hot bath
BioKW (©  Thünen-Institut)
Emission free Adhesives
Development of a measuring system to determine particle dimensions
Während des Durchlaufs der Späne auf einem Förderband erfasst ein Linienlaser das Profil der Partikel (©  Bartels)
Research and evaluation of raw materials and processes for pulp production
 (©  Thünen-Institut)
Lignocellulose Biorefinery Phase II
Grundchemikalien aus der Holzchemie (©  Thünen-Institut)
IEA Bioenergy Task 34
IEA_Bioenergy_Task_34 (©  IEA Bioenergy)
Developing competences for the Peruvian Forestry and woodworking sector
Gruppenfoto nach Workshop bei dem peruanischen Projektpartner CITEmadera in Lima (©  Volker Haag)
Lightweight panels from particles with innovative geometry
 (©  )
LIGNOHTL: Transportation fuels from woody residues
 (©  Solantausta, VTT, Finnland)
More bioenergy from wood
TreeForJoules (©  Thünen-Institut)
NRW Inno-Cluster Bioenergy
 Innovationscluster-Bioenergie (©  Fraunhofer UMSICHT, Flyer)
Standardisation related to wood
Normung (©  MQ-Illustrations -
Utilization of natural fibers
Querschnitt von Papier (©  Thünen-Institut)
Material uses for lignocellulosic raw materials and residues
 (©  Thünen-Institut/Ralph Lehnen)
Upgrading of pyrolysis oils
Upgrading (©  Thünen-Institut)
From Molecules to Materials - Biobased Adhesives
 (©  Thünen-Institut/Nick Bornholdt)
Improving eucalypt and poplar wood properties for bioenergy
Ausgepflanzte Pappeln mit genetischer Modifizierung  (©  Thünen-Intitut/Uwe Schmitt)
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