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Fuels out of a hot bath

Catalytic conversion of biocrude and biomass into liquid hydrocarbons using hot compressed water

Testing of the CLC-process (catalytic liquid conversion) in a laboratory unit for the joint conversion of pyrolysis liquids and biomass into liquid hydrocarbons with high heating value.

Background and Objective

The joint project „BioKW“ is aimed at producing CO2-neutral renewable transportation through application of the CLC-process (Catalytic Liquid Conversion). Biocrude oil from fast pyrolysis of woody biomass and solid biomass particles will be mixed and converted in the high pressure laboratory system. Hot compressed water with a solid catalyst will be used for the conversion process and deoxygenation of the biogenic feedstock. Selection of proper catalysts and the design and construction of the CLC-unit are the main tasks in the project. Two partners from industry and two academic research institutes are involved. Basic data of the CLC process and feasibility studies are already existing.


A laboratory unit is designed, constructed and tested. Oxygen removal will be determined in the liquid product.

Our Research Questions

Is the CLC process capable to deoxygenate pyrolysis liquids for the production of liquid hydrocarbons?


First results will be available shortly and will be presented in Leipzig at "HTP Fachforum" in November 2014.

Funding Body

  • Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi)
    (national, öffentlich)
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