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Developing competences in the Peruvian Forestry and Woodworking sector

Group photo taken after workshop in the institute of the Peruvian project partner CITEmadera in Lima
© Volker Haag

Developing competences in the Peruvian Forestry and Woodworking sector

A large part of Peru east of the Andes is tropical forest area which  is partly over-utilised,  partly has degraded soil after agricultural utilisation or is untouched or under-utilised. Despite enormous wood resources, Peru imports most of its timber demand. Export is focussed on high density parquet wood species.  The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and Thuenen Institute of Wood Research support the local institutions CITEmadera and CITEforestal in the formation of experts for the Peruvian forestry and woodworking sector.

Background and Objective

Aim of the project was the formation of specialists and experts for the Peruvian forestry sector having in view the sustainable exploitation of the Peruvian wood resources. Basic knowledge needed for a sustainable utilization of lesser known underutilized species, instead of the currently overutilized high density species for flooring applications, should be provided. Peruvian experts should be assisted in gaining access to international networks.

Target Group

Peruvian forestry and woodworking sector, Peruvian academics, Peruvian auditing authorities


Pro Ambiente II focussed on the following actions:

Organisation of workshops, seminars, conferences as well as provision of support in setting up and carrying out capacity building measures for the Peruvian forestry and woodworking sector.

In the third year of the project: Implementation of virtual seminars and online conferences as well as backstopping support for virtual seminars carried out by the Peruvian side. Creation of instructional videos on relevant topics that can then be used in Peru.

Data and Methods

Seminars implemented in the first two years of the project:

  1. "Wood Identification - basics and practical exercises" in Lima and Pucallpa
  • Macroscopic examination of samples of different wood species; training in the use of the identifaction tool WoodID
  • Instructor: Volker Haag
  1. "Seminar on drying quality specification of sawn timber products and Energy management - How to prevent energy loss in the wood industry " in Lima and Pucallpa
  • Theory for the correct drying of wood as well as the effective saving of energy during work processes
  • Instructor: Dr. Johannes Welling
  1. "Material testing on modern testing machines" in the Thuenen Institute of Wood Research in Hamburg
  • Get acquainted with different methods of testing wood properties 
  • Training in the use of modern testing machines
  • Instructor: Dr. Johannes Welling
  1. "Kiln operator course - How to optimize the drying schedules" in Lima and Pucallpa
  • Practical operation of kilns to optimize the wood drying process
  • Instructor: Dr. Johannes Welling
  1. "3D and SEM/TEM microscopy and How to establish a species identification key" in the Thuenen Institute of Wood Research in Hamburg
  • Microscopic examination of wood samples from Peru and development of an identification key with the obtained results
  • Instructor: Volker Haag
Since travel between Peru and Germany is not possible in the current  corona situation, the project plan had to be adjusted.Many activities had to be completely canceled, as they required the physical presence of the seminar leaders and participants and their interaction or because they orginally included visits to institutes / companies.Other activities have been changed to virtual seminars / conferences, supported by the creation of digital instructional videos.Financial resources, which were originally planned as travel means, were used to procure technical equipment for the video shoot and to hire additional staff.

The following activities were implemented:
6. Online conference about the "Determination of the drying quality of sawn timber products"
  • Series of seminars organized from Peru, in which Dr.Johannes Welling gives a lecture
  • Creation of instructional videos on the topics: "Quality control of technical drying", "Basic concepts of the hygroscopic behavior of wood", "Optimizing drying programs for drying sawn timber"
  • The project funds will be used to purchase a hygrometer that will be used to shoot a teaching video and will then be made available to the Peruvian project partners
7. Online seminar on "Different methods to identify the species and the origin of wood with a focus on the macroHolzdata program"
  •  Volker Haag gives a lecture for the peruvian scientific and academic society
  • additionally there will be created an instructional video about the "Identification of woof species from carbon using a 3D-Microscope"

8. Online seminar about the topic “Species Identification of paper and wood-based panels”

  • Webinar with digital materials including the creation of an instructional video
  • live working and teaching on microscopes
  • conducted by Dr. Andrea Olbrich and Stephanie Helmling

Our Research Questions

How can we support the Peruvian forestry and wood sector regarding a sustainable utilisation of its national wood resources?


After two succesful years it was decided to prolong the project for another year. Instructional videos were created on topics relevant to the project.

1.Identification of wood species in paper and fiber boards

2. Identification of wood species in charcoal

3. Wood drying technology and quality assessment

Through this project, the completion of a further research project between CITEmadera and the Thuenen Institute was initiated: FONDECYT “Determination of the hygroscopic behavior of wood of 15 forest species of commercial interest in Peru, to contribute to the adequate performance of timber products".


Dr. Jan Lüdtke

+49 40 73962 602
+49 40 73962 602

Involved external Thünen-Partners

Funding Body

  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
    (national, öffentlich)
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