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HF Wood Research


FTP Germany

Scientific management and coordination of the German national support group of the forest-based sector technology platform (FTP), Sub-project: Wood

Collection and adaptation of future-oriented research topics of the German Forestry/Wood-Chain, national harmonization und provision of such topics for builing reaserch strategies and programmes on national and European level, organisation of workshops and brokerage events

Background and Objective

The Forest-beased Sector Technology Platform (FTP) is an industry driven organisation aiming at providing support for the formulation of scientific framework programs of the European Commission.

Target Group

Forest beased sector industries, research funding organisations


FTP-D -comprising the groups Forestry, Wood and Paper- elaborates in regular intervals German strategisch Research agandas for the foresty, woodP and paper sector,  contributes to the edition of European Strategic Research Agends and supports the programmatic work of DG Research.

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