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Bio-based polymers and materials

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Development and evaluation of bio-based polymers and materials

During the development of a bio-based economy, the complete utilization of lignocellulosic components is of particular importance.Therefore, we develop and evaluate new bio-based polymers and materials, as well as composites.

Background and Objective

Innovative products and new approaches to higher-value bio-based materials will be of exceptional importance for a bio-based economy as they offer enormous potential for the sustainable substitution of fossil resources. The key component of the "non-food" biomass is lignocellulose, (wood, residual wood, lignocellulosic residues and waste, by-products of the forestry and agricultural industries). In the "National Research Strategy Bioeconomy 2030" presented by the Federal Government and in the "Action Plan for the Material Use of Renewable Raw Materials", the high-quality use of all biomass components in utilization cascades is therefore highly targeted.


  • Development of sustainable bio-based products
  • New utilization-cascades
  • Development of recycling strategies
  • Development of comprehensive expertise on bio-based polymers, materials and composites
  • Development, synthesis and characterization of new products with the aim of establishing structure/property relationships


4.2018 - 12.2021

More Information

Project status: finished

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