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Initiation of European research- and innovation projects in the area of wood-based added-value networks

Initiation, development and application for European research and innovation projects in the field of wood-based value networks

The use of renewable resources plays an important role under a climate  protection perspective and thus the transition towards a bio-based economy in Germany and also Europe. The innovative, efficient and above all sustainable use of biomass is both for Germany as well as for the resource-rich areas of North, Central and Southeastern Europe of social,economic and ecological importance and considerable mutual interest.

Background and Objective

Climate change requires silvicultural measures towards more resilient and productive land forest ecosystems that will provide much larger amounts of hardwood in the future. The coniferous
forestry and timber economies of Northeastern and Central Europe (especially Germany) is therefore exposed to a process of change that involves a comprehensive overhaul of the previous value chains and their processing structures in all areas of wood-based products. This means that 1) coniferous-based processing paths (solid wood products, particle materials, paper), because of the reduced supply of raw materials, need to be utilized much more efficiently (e.g.
through a reinforced circular economy) and 2) new value-added networks based on hardwood (new products e.g. in construction, biorefinery, chemical industry, etc.) must be created. For this exist due to the current tree species composition in south-eastern Europe (eg beech, oak,
Robinie) already established value chains and corresponding know-how. These are still holding considerable optimization potential in the areas of automation, digitization and reduction
of emissions.


The establishment and expansion of the transnational partnership in LignoLink aims at the development of cooperation potential, the formation of actor networks and development
concrete European R & D & I projects in the field of wood-based bioeconomy. In focus
Here are the societal challenges described in Horizon 2020: "Climate protection, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials" as well as "Food and nutrition security, sustainable development"
Agriculture, forestry, marine, maritime and limnological research and bioeconomy ". Special emphasis is placed on company-driven approaches. The impulses and project ideas resulting from these partnerships form the basis for preparing the application and submitting at least two European project applications.


Dr. Jan Lüdtke

+49 40 73962 602
+49 40 73962 602

Funding Body

  • Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)
    (national, öffentlich)


4.2018 - 3.2020

More Information

Project status: finished

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