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HF Wood Research

Projects in research area Human Health and Consumer Protection


Determination of terpenes using NIRS
 (©  jameschipper - (Lupe), Thünen-Institut/Christina Waitkus)
Durability of wood and wood products
Einbau der Proben ins Hamburger Testfeld_ Maerz 2010 (©  Thuenen-Institut)
Influences of tree growth conditions on wood properties
 (©  Thünen-Institut/Martin Nopens)
Climate-neutral fumigation processes and alternative treatment methods for logs for export
Klimaneutrale Begasung  (©  Thünen-Institut/Christina Waitkus)
Microbiotas on African import timber: non-indigenous fungi and bacteria
 (©  Thünen-Institut/J. Trautner)
Development of a climate cell for nano-tomography measurements
Volume rendering of the cell wall (©
Non-destructive assessment of wooden components in an underwater area as a technical service
 (©  )

Completed projects

Alternative, formaldehyd-free binders for wood based composite materials
 (©  )
The Death Watch Beetle: Dietary preferences and life habits
Freilichtmuseum Schönberg (©  )
Emission free Adhesives
Health effects of emissions from wood-based products
Testing of volatile organic compounds (©  Thünen-Institut)
Protection of wood in contact with sea water
Bohrmuschel Kalkschale und Gänge im Holz (©  Helena Burkhardt)
Rapid testing of VOC emission from wood products
Thermal desorption analysis of volatile organic compounds (©  Thünen-Institut)
How do building materials affect indoor air quality?
Test houses built from different wall constructions (©  Thünen-Institut/Ch.Waitkus)
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