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3D Wood Particle Measurement with Laser Profile Sensors

New publication on technology, potential in application and performance data with regard to measuring head selection

© Keyence, Waitkus, Benthien and Engehausen

Automated measurement of wood particles (3D Particleview) is increasingly used in the particleboard industry to better monitor and control the manufacturing process. For an optimal use of the methodology, challenges exist in the area of technical equipment design as well as measurement data interpretation.

In a recent technical article in Holz-Zentralblatt, researchers from the Thünen Institute of Wood Research discuss the technology of 3D wood particle measurement as well as its potential in the process and discuss the performance characteristics of 3D laser profile sensors.


Contact:                Jan Benthien, Nick Engehausen, Dr. Jan Lüdtke

Link to article:   3D-Spanvermessung mit Laser-Profilsensoren

Projects:              3VER, 3D-SB


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