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The research area "Biobased Resources and Materials" has received support for the CycloCarb II project, which deals with the development of biobased adhesives.

Wood, humus or high-tech for long-term carbon storage.

45 minutes of the future. This is the Thünen Institute's podcast on the transformation of land and sea use.

In cooperation with the Fraunhofer Development Center X-ray Technology EZRT and the Faculty of Applied Computer Science at the Technical University of Deggendorf, volumetric sub-µCT and nano-CT data have now been applied for the first time at the Thünen Institute for Wood Research for wood…

Savings potential calculated by means of 3D particle measurement and microscopic analysis of adhesive distribution over the particle size distribution

Starting October 2022, research area 4 – Human Health and Consumer Protection – has a new staff member to support the project KLIMAtiv, which tackles the topic of phyto-sanitary treatment of logs for export.

Investigative crime biologists from Germany and Austria visit the Thünen Institute for Wood Research in Hamburg

New publication on anatomical and topochemical features of the genera Acacia, Acaciella, Senegalia and Vachellia

New publication on technology, potential in application and performance data with regard to measuring head selection

Staff of AB 2 presented their results together with colleagues from the Institute of Wood Sciences at the University of Hamburg

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