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    Berkum S van, Banse M, Deppermann A, Erjavec E, Djuric I, Philippides G, Wolf V, Haß M, Salamon P, et al (2016) Exploring the potential for agriculture and trade in CIS: Synthesis of findings of the FP7 financed AGRICISTRADE project [online]. 25 p, zu finden in <> [zitiert am 09.01.2017]

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    Wolf V, Deppermann A, Tabeau A, Banse M, Berkum S van, Haß M, Havlik P, Philippides G, Salamon P, Verma M (2016) Linking three market models to project Russian and Ukrainian wheat markets till 2030 : Paper prepared for presentation at the 155th EAAE Seminar 'European Agriculture towards 2030 Perspectives for further East-West Integration, Kiev, Ukraine, September 19-21, 2016. EAAP, 24 p

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