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AT Agricultural Technology

Technical Equipment

With this single wheel measurement equipment it was possible for us to monitor different harvest and tractor tires on a standardized bed of sand on the curves in the test hall. With regard to wheel load tire suspension, contact area, inner tire pressure, contact pressure, track depth. They serve in the field to derive the dynamic wheel loads and the adjusted tire pressure for a maximum of soil-friendly driving on soil-friendly driving. Novel sensors help implement precision farming.

A self-driving onloader for sugar beets with dog gear steerage. Broad tires and ultrasound sensors (soil road monitor and track depth sensors) are used to determine the dynamic wheel load, the stress distribution and the yield calculation: This serves, among other things, the validation and plausibility checks of laboratory measurements. In the context other hydro statistical soil settlement, derivations for the shaping of the vehicle parameters (bunker filling, tier inner pressure, contact area) can be drawn.

Instruments for Field experiments:

Laboratory Field research methods:

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