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Projections of the agricultural sector in Ukraine


 (c) Deutsch-Ukrainischer Agrarpolitischer Dialog

Impact of agricultural policy strategies on farms in Ukraine

How will the agricultural sector develop in Ukraine? How does this affect the development of farms? The Thünen Institute of Market Analysis, in cooperation with the German-Ukrainian Agricultural Policy Dialogue, is analyzing the Ukrainian agricultural sector using the market model AGMEMOD .

Background and Objective

This project develops projections for the agricultural sector in Ukraine and is based on the initiative of the German-Ukrainian Agricultural Policy Dialogue. The focus lies on the impact of different policy options on the agricultural sector in Ukraine.


AGMEMOD is applied in the project. The Thünen institute supports the Ukrainian researchers in applying, updating and further developing the Ukrainian country model in AGMEMOD.

The Ukrainian researchers extend the database and model to differentiate between different farm types. Further the policy options discussed in Ukraine are implemented. Then, a baseline and different scenario options are developed which give projections until 2030. Stakeholders of the agricultural sector are included in the development and validation of the policy scenarios.

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