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Assessment of forest certification and verification of legal compliance

Since 2007 the Thünen-Institute  is responsible for the assessment of forest certification schemes within the German regulation for the public procurement for wood and wood-based products. This includes both the surveillance of the development of the standards of the certification systems which are under periodical revision and the decision concerning the acceptance of certificates of the systems, comparable certificates or individual specifications in terms of the procurement regulation.

Offered service 

  • Verification of certificates (e.g.  FSC, PEFC or comparable certificates, verification of legal compliance) concerning  validation and eligibility in terms of the EUTR.
  • Verification other documents concerning  validation and eligibility in terms of the EUTR.
  • Information about the risk of illegal logging and associated trade in selected producing countries. 


Specific inquiries in the past caused in the majority of cases to unimportant efforts and it was possible to answer by phone or e-mail.

In more time consuming cases with higher efforts, the costs amounts, according to the valid regulations of the Thünen-Institute, 122.00 € + VAT for one working hour. 

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