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Institute of

SF Sea Fisheries

Dr. Alexander Kempf

Institute of Sea Fisheries

Herwigstraße 31
27572 Bremerhaven
+49 471 94460 251
+49 471 94460 199

Research interests

  • Assessment of demersal fish stocks in the North Sea
  • Scientific advice to the ministry (BMEL) on effort management and development of long-term management plans
  • Further development of multi species and ecosystem models to evaluate new management strategies for an ecosystem approach to fisheries


  • Section leader Marine Living Resources
  • Risk assessment in fisheries management
  • Analyses of fishing effort (log-book data and VMS) and its relationship with fishing mortality and population dynamics of fish stocks with the aim of adjusting fishing capacity to fishing opportunities
  • Population dynamics and assessment of demersal fish stocks in the North Sea and North Atlantic
  • Biological monitoring of German fisheries activities and derivation of protection measures for fish stocks
  • Advice to BMEL, BMU and EU in relation to fisheries management
  • EU Data Collection Framework (DCF)
  • Contributiuons to Advisory Committees of the European Union (STECF) and ICES committeesEducational background and employment

Educational background and employment

  • since 2008: Scientist at the Institute of Sea Fisheries, Hamburg
  • 2004 – 2008: PhD at the Institute of Hydrobiology und Fisheries Science, University of Hamburg, with the topic „Diet selection and predation mortality in the North Sea fish assemblage – improving multi species stock assessment“, within the EU research projects BECAUSE and UNCOVER
  • 1997 – 2004: Studies of Biology at Christian Albrechts University of Kiel with fisheries science as main subject. Diploma thesis title: “Diet selection of predators and availability of prey organsims as critical factor in multi species stock assessment- an example from the North Sea MSVPA”.

Working Groups and Committees

Working Group - CommitteeTasks
ACOM Working Group Chairs (WGCHAIRS)WGCHAIRS provides an opportunity for chairs of all our working groups to share experiences and ideas, co-ordinate work, meet with their steering group, advisory committee and science committee chairs, and highlight any support they need from the ICES network.
Working Group on Multispecies Stock Assessment Methods (WGSAM) - Co-chairThis working group aims at enabling research on predator-prey interactions for developing advice on the ecosystem approach to fisheries management.
Working Group on the Assessment of Demersal Stocks in the North Sea and Skagerrak (WGNSSK)This working group provides advice on single species catch quotas (TAC). Using historical information on catches and survey indices, quantitative models are used to assess the current population size and forecast future conditions.
Working Group on Interactive Physical-Biological and Ecosystem Modelling (WGIPEM)This group advances the state of the art in coupled physical-biological and ecosystem modelling.
Advisory Committee des ICES (ACOM)The Advisory Committee (ACOM) translates ICES science into advice on the sustainable use and protection of marine ecosystems. C. Zimmermann is the German ACOM member and A. Kempf is one of his deputies.
Advice Drafting Group (ADG) North SeaThe scientific advice for the North Sea stocks is finalized in this group.
Advice Drafting Group for the Reopening of Spring Advice (ADGReopening)The scientific advice for certain stocks are re-written in autumn if surveys conducted in Summer send new signals that require a re-evalution of the stock assessments.
Advice Drafting Group (ADG) for Arctic and North-Western fish stocksThe scientific advice for stocks in the Barents and Norwegian Sea as well as in Icelandic and Greenland waters is finalized in this group.
Expert Working Group on Balance Between Fishing Capacity and Fishing OpportunitiesThis yearly assembled Expert Working Group analyzes the reports of the EU member states regarding the balance between fishing capacity and fishing opportunities.
Expert Working Group on Fisheries Dependent InformationThis group conducts quality and consistency checks of the fisheries dependent data from all EU countries and analyses the catch patterns and the spatial distribution of the fishing effort.
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