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A special meeting took place at the beginning of March 2023: Mrs Johanna Bringmann handed over her 63-year-old (!) seahorse, which she found as a little girl on the island of Sylt in 1960.

The first of our seagoing colleagues from the Thünen Institute of Sea Fisheries were able to learn a lot about the use and application of work and survival suits on the high seas in an internal workshop...

In a recent documentary "42 - the answer to almost everything" by the ARTE channel, our colleague Dr. Matthias Schaber also has his say on the causes for the endangerment of many shark species in the world's oceans.

The Thünen Institute is again - together with the Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences, the Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) and the TTZ Bremerhaven -  representative for „Science in Bremerhaven" at the trade fair "fish international". Visit us at the joint stand "Science & Innovation…

A strong cohort!

Master students from the marine biology class from University of Bremen visit the Thünen Institute for a course in fisheries biology for the second time these days.

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Researchers discover a connection between deep-sea fish and the impacts of climate change at the surface

Blick über das Achterdeck auf mit Schnee bedeckte Berge und das Wasser

Scientists from the Thünen Institute have demonstrated that the domestic shark species displays a change in swimming behavior when migrating from the shallow North Sea into the ocean

Thünen Institute proposes concepts for joint land use by wind farm operators and fisheries

Windräder stehen im Meer

On November 1, the RV SONNE returned from its 285th cruise to the Benguela upwelling system to the port of Emden, Germany. With exciting results.

The Benguela Current not far from the southwest coast of Africa is the destination of the research vessel "Sonne“

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