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Institute of

AT Agricultural Technology

Instrumentation Bio-based Polymers and Materials

For the synthesis and characterization of bio-based polymeric materials, the institute is well equipped:

Synthesis of Bio-based Polymers

  • Various glass and stainless steel (100-2,500 mL)
  • Controlled high vacuum, inert and reactive gas supply

Gallery Synthesis of Bio-based Polymers

Material Characterization

  • FT-IR (ATR) spectrometer for the qualitative and quantitative structure analysis
  • Viscometry
  • One and two dimensional GPC / HPLC systems for the determination of molar mass, particle size and functionality distributions by means of static and dynamic light scattering detection and various other concentration detectors
  • Oscillatory rheometer for the determination of the visco-elastic property profile and curing behavior of liquids, solids and reactive polymers. Temperature range: -150 to 600 ° C
  • Thermal analysis by means of differential scanning calorimetry and thermogravimetric analysis
  • For material characterization, different testing machines and methods are available in an air-conditioned laboratory. Load range:  <1 g to 1 t.

Gallery Material Characterization

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