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Lead Institute WO Institute of Forest Ecosystems
Involved Institutes WF Institute of Forestry

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Small Forests - Big Players: Valorising small scale forestry for a bio-based economy

Background and Objective

Due to ongoing social changes in European society a considerable shift of orientation and attitudes of forest owners can be observed, leading to extensive consequences for forest management and timber provision. In addition, structure and forest area of small forest companies as well as legal regulations and incentive measures vary among European states.

The project is aimed at assessing the contribution of small forest owners to a wood-based bioeconomy in studying their specific management strategies. 


Within the project different management stratgies are elaborated and used for evaluating their effects on wood supply, various ecosystem services and the adaptive capacity of forests to climate change. This concept allows novel insights in the relationships between environment and management of small forests, and quantify their contribution to biobased economy. Simultaneously, the limits for small forest management will be defined and measures for an increase of management activity developed. 

List of Publications

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    Juutinen A, Kurttila M, Pohjanmies T, Tolvanen A, Kuhlmey K, Skudnik M, Triplat M, Westin K, Mäkipää R (2021) Forest owners’ preferences for contract-based management to enhance environmental values versus timber production. Forest Pol Econ 132:102587, DOI:10.1016/j.forpol.2021.102587

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