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Ex-ante-Evaluation CAP Strategic Plan Austria


Alpine farming in Totes Gebirge (Austria) (c) Lukas Kühnen
Alpine farming in Totes Gebirge (Austria) (© Lukas Kühnen)

Ex­-ante-Evaluation of the CAP Strategic Plan 2021-2027 (Austria)

The objective of the project is to elaborate significant parts of the Ex-ante-Evaluation for the CAP Strategic Part Austria 2021-2027.

Background and Objective

The national strategic plans of Member States comprise EU-financed agricultural subsidies, in particular direct payments to farm enterprises (1st pillar), rural development policies (2nd pillar) and various common market organisations.

The objective of the project is to work out an Ex-ante-Evaluation for the national CAP Strategic Plan for Austria. In general, Ex-ante-Evaluations are meant

  • to improve the quality of the national CAP Strategic Plan,
  • to support the set up of a targeted assisstance for rural areas and
  • to establish preconditions for an effective monitoring, data collection and implementation system for the CAP Strategic Plan 2021–2027.

The main contracting authority is the Federal Ministry of the Republic of Austria for Agriculture, Regions and Tourism. The Ex-ante-Evaluation is proceeded by an consortium of (inter-) national experts, in which the Thünen Institute is part of it. A special focus of the Thünen Institute is on the CAP specific objectives a) Farm income, b) Competetive of the agricultural sector, e) Natural ressources, f) Biodiversity and h) Employment and growth.


Target Group

The Ex-ante-Evaluation is proceeded for and in cooperation with authorities of Federal Ministry of Austria for Agriculture, Regions and Tourism, responsible for the programming of the CAP Strategic Plan Austria. The notification of the CAP Strategic Plan will be decided by the European Commission.


The scope of the Ex-ante-Evaluation of national CAP Strategic Plans is outlined in the Commission proposal for the CAP post 2020 (KOM (2018) 392, Article 125) and is further substantiated by various guidelines. The main steps of the Ex-ante-Evaluation are:

  1. Appraisal of the assessment of needs including SWOT,
  2. Appraisal of the intervention strategy, targets and milestones and
  3. Appraisal of the monitoring, data collection and implementation system.

Data and Methods

The single working steps are accomplished by a systematic analysis of the respective parts of the CAP Strategic Plan. The document analysis aims to identify content-related gaps and inconsistent lines of argumentation between the analysis of the current situation, identified needs and set objectives.

The appriasal will be accomplished for each of the nine specific CAP objectives (including the cross-cutting objectives) and for each working step separetly. To ensure comparability among the appraisal of different objectives, evaluation questions and checklists are applied.

Our Research Questions

Evaluation question are defined for each of the three working steps, described above:

Evaluation questions for working step 1:

  • Is the analysis of the current situation and the analysis of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) exhaustive and sufficently specific for each of the CAP specific objectives and the cross-cutting objective?
  • Is the analysis of the current situation based upon recent and reliable data?
  • Are identified needs logically derived from the current situation and the SWOT?

Evaluation questions for working step 2:

  • Are set objectives derived from identified needs?
  • Is the proposed intervention logic appropriate to achieve set (sub-)objectives?
  • Are set objectives sufficiently specific and realistic?

Evaluation questions for working step 3:

  • Is the monitoring system appropriate to trace and document the process of program implementation?
  • Can it be endured that all relevant data will be collect on time?
  • Are made precautions sufficient to guarantee that programe implementation follows national and European legal rules?

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GAP-Strategic Plan Austria 2023-2027:

Ex-ante Evaluation:


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Funding Body

  • Federal Ministry Republic of Austria, Agriculture, Regiones and Tourism
    (international, öffentlich)


1.2020 - 12.2021

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