Environmentally friendly production of reinforcing fibers for waste paper packaging papers


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Development of an environmentally friendly process for a reinforcing fiber for waste paper packaging papers.

The decline in consumption and production of graphic papers has the consequence that the influx of high-quality fiber material into waste paper recycling declined. With a suitable process, high quality but low-cost primary fibers could be recovered for the reinforcement of waste paper.

Background and Objective

The aim of the project is the development of a straw-based pulping process for the production of high-yield pulp, which can be used to improve the strength properties of recycled paper-based packaging materials.


The research project will investigate two environmentally friendly pulping processes for straw. In the carbonate digestion, an inexpensive, very environmentally friendly chemical is used with sodium carbonate; the steam refining process can ideally be  applied without chemicals. Both methods and method combinations are tested and adapted for the application.


Funding Body

  • Federal Ministry of Food und Agriculture (BMEL)
    (national, öffentlich)


3.2020 - 3.2023

More Information

Projekt type:
Funding program: FNR
Project status: ongoing