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TBN-Forest of BMEL


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Forest Accountancy Data Network of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture


How has the economic situation of German forest enterprises changed? Which economic consequences could be expected due to policy changes? In order to answer these and other questions we analyse the Forest Accountancy Data Network (TBN-Forest) of the Federal Ministry for Food and Agriculture (BMEL). The results are also used as input data for other reporting systems.

Background and Objective

The TBN-Forest collects accountancy data of around 350 participating state, communal and private forest enterprises of ownership size class over 200 hectares. Annually about 650 natural, capital and business indicators are reported per forest enterprise on a voluntary basis.

Target Group

Forestry practice, statistical offices, science and policy advice


Annually we check the plausibility of the new data of the TBN-Forest in consultation with the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture and enter it into our database. The TBN-Forest supplies central input-data for the annual accounting of the German Economic Accounts for Forestry and for the Forest Accounting Framework. Specific issues with high relevance for forest practice, science and policy advice are identified and evaluated through an in-depth analysis of key figures of the TBN-Forest accountancy data network.

Data and Methods

The analysis is based on TBN-Forest data from 2003 until today, and includes data from 350 state, cummunal and private forest enterprises, using around 650 individual key figures. Thus, a comprehensive record of economic and natural capital data is available.

Preliminary Results

Key figures from the Forest Accountancy Data Network (FADN) are projected by ownership classes to the entity of all German forest enterprises based on the number of enterprises given in the German Agricultural Structure Survey (ASS).

When assessing the economic situation of the German forest sector projected FADN data and German National Forest Inventory (NFI) data are often used jointly. However, information on forest area by type of ownership classes differs substantially depending on the chosen data source.

In order to analyze the impact of the choice of data source on the projection results, we compared two projections of FADN-Forest data to the whole Federal Republic, using ASS based data on the one hand and NFI based data on the other. The outcome shows that both projections produce similar results with deviations between 1% and 11% for the analyzed key figures. An exception was the key figure earnings per cubic meter after deducting harvesting costs, where projection results differed +22% for the ownership class communal forests, -45% for private forests and -7% for state-owned forests.


Current accounting results and additional information on the TBN-Forest as well as reports on the economic situation of forest enterprises are offered by the Federal Ministry for Food and Agriculture under


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