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German Wildlife Information System ("WILD": Wildtier-Informationssystem der Länder Deutschlands))


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The German Wildlife Information System (WILD) is a monitoring program assessing populations of game species troughout Germany. The projekt was installed as a permanent integral part of environmental assessment to aim the development of strategies for conservation and sustainable use of animal populations.

Background and Objective

Long-term nationwide assessment of wildlife animals and their habitats with verifiable and scientific methods to obtain data on the occurrence, stocking densities, poulations trends and risk factors. The data schould constitute the basis for further research and for the decision making in german hunting and conservation policy.

Target Group


Data in WILD collected by counting game species in so-called referenc areas and by evaluating wildlife stock in various hunting grounds in Germany. In the long-term project data collection also includes factors influencing the animal densities like land use, hunting intensity and hunting bag.

Our Research Questions

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