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RAUMIS in brief

RAUMIS is a regionalised agricultural and environmental information system and simulates the impacts of agricultural and environmental policies on the regional agricultural land use, production, income and the environment. Adjustments are modelled in a comparative static setting.


Mathematical programming model with a non-linear objective function

Main fields of application

Analyses of policy impacts of the CAP, analyses of measures to implement the EU water framework directive, the Kyoto-Protocol or renewable energy, adjustments of global (climate) change, input-output analyses for the environmental accounts

Main partners

Federal Ministry for Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, University of Bonn, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (Potsdam), Research Centre Jülich, Helmholtz Centre of Environmental Research UFZ (Leipzig)


  • Consistency to national agriculture accounts, encompasses total agricultural production, total input use, and agricultural income
  • calculation of agro-environmental indicators (e.g. nutrient balances, green house gas emissions) consistent to report obligations
  • coupling with different model types for example general computable equilibrium models and natural science models

Data base

National accounts of agriculture, farm structure survey, calculation data, calibrated base years 1979, 1983, 1987, 1991, 1995, 1999, 2003 (2007 in preparation)

Regions / Countries (EU)

Germany, 326 model regions (NUTS III / counties)

Sectors and differentiation of production

Primary production of the agricultural sector / 31 crop and 16 livestock activities

Policy instruments

Production quotas, direct payments, decoupling, set-aside, stocking rate limits, minimum land use requirements, agro-environmental requirements


Inter regional transports (e.g. manure), quotas, set-aside obligations, young animals

Endogenous variables

Supply quantities and income on regional and sector scale. Trade (quotas, manure, set-aside) between regions

Exogenous variables

Product prices, policy variables (e.g. area payments, quotas, production obligations), projection of technical coefficients


FORTRAN (planed: change to GAMS)

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