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SF Sea Fisheries

Publications, peer-reviewed

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    Núñez-Riboni I, Costas G, Diekmann R, Ulleweit J, Kloppmann MHF (2023) Reviewing and improving spatiotemporal modeling approaches for mackerel's total annual egg production. Rev Fish Biol Fisheries: in Press, DOI:10.1007/s11160-023-09795-2

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    Hofmann T, Knebelsberger T, Kloppmann MHF, Ulleweit J, Raupach MJ (2017) Egg identification of three economical important fish species using DNA barcoding in comparison to a morphological determination. J Appl Ichthyol 33:925-932, DOI:10.1111/jai.13389

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    Tiedemann M, Kloppmann MHF, Ulleweit J, Gröger JP, Hagen W (2013) A spatial analysis of larval fish assemblages in the Celtic Sea off Great Britain (47° to 51° N): implications of bathymetry and ocean warming. Mar Biol Res 10(5):482-493, doi:10.1080/17451000.2013.819983

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    Kloppmann MHF, Ulleweit J (2007) Off-shelf distribution of pelagic snake pipefish, Entelurus aequoreus (Linnaeus, 1758), west of the British Isles. Mar Biol 151(1):271-275, DOI:10.1007/s00227-006-0480-4

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