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Institute of

SF Sea Fisheries

Dr. Friedemann Keyl

Institute of Sea Fisheries

until 16 May 2016

Research interests

  • Temporal and spatial population dynamics
  • Exogenous factors: impacts of environmental variability and fishing pressure on marine resources and ecosystems
  • The biological response to environmental variability: interaction and plasticity of life history traits
  • Resource assessment: amplification of modeling methods to incorporate effects of environmental variability

Educational background and employment

  • Since 2011: Scientist at the Institute of Sea Fisheries (TI), Hamburg
  • 2009 - 2011: Scientist at Leibinz Center for Tropical Marine Ecology (ZMT), Bremen
  • 2006 - 2009: Graduation (PhD) at ZMT, University of Bremen and EU-project CENSOR. “The Cephalopod Dosidicus gigas of the Humboldt Current System Under the Impact of Fishery and Environmental Variability”
  • 2003 – 2010: Visiting scientist (Marine biology and fisheries ecology). Cooperation with institutes in Mexico, Peru, Chile and Ecuador (Galapagos)
  • 1997 – 2005: Studies in Biology. Diploma in Biology (Dipl. Biol.) at University of Bremen. MSc within the programme “Integrated Tropical Coastal Zone Management (GIACT)” Universidad de Costa Rica, San José, Costa Rica. Combined thesis for MSc and Diploma. “Evaluación y manejo del recurso marino Haliotis spp. (abulón) en la península de Baja California, México mediante un modelo pesquero-climático“Scholarship from RED-ALFA (EU-funded).
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