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WF Forestry

Since 2006 we compile the national report tables on behalf of the German Federal Statistical Office. The accounting framework (European Forest Accounts (EFA)) is developed by Eurostat, the European Statistical Office. Our tables are also published within the German Environmental and Economic Accounting and are used as a data source for the German National Accounts.

Background and Objective

In 2006, the Thünen Institute of Forestry has elaborated and documented a methodology to compile the national annual report tables based on the framework developed by Eurostat. In the meantime data sources and table templates changed on several occasions.

For example, with the German National Federal Inventory 2012 and the subsequent forest development and timber resource modelling (WEHAM) by the German Ministry of Agriculture the reference data for the national report tables changes every 10 years

Consequently our methodology is constantly adjusted and documented. By this means, the German Federal Statistical Office and Eurostat are enabled to theoretically and practically retrace the national report tables.

Target Group

German Federal Statistical Office; Eurostat


Based on the results of the latest national forest inventory and forest development and wood supply modeling our previous calculation methods are constantly reviewed and further developed. In the next step our method descriptions are updated. On this basis, we will update the results of forest accounts of previous years (revision) and create the tables for the current reporting year.

Data and Methods

The most important data sources for the national report tables are our Economic Accounts for German Forestry (FGR) and the Federal Forest Inventory 2002 and 2012, the forest development and wood supply modeling, the Test Enterprise Network Forestry of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL), the use-side estimation of timber fellings of TI-WF, external trade and production statistics and other statistics the Federal Statistical Office.

Our Research Questions

How did the German forest area and timber stock as well as their value develop in the reporting year?

How much wood was provided by the German forestry and timber industry in the reporting year and how was it used?

What value added was achieved in the German forestry sector in the reporting year?

Preliminary Results

At the moment Eurostat provides 10 tables for the European Forest Accounts which we complete and forward to the Federal Statistical Offic.In detail these are the tables: area and value of wooded land, volume and value of standing timber, economic accounts for forestry and logging, physical supply-use tables (2 tables), monetary supply-use tables (2 tables) and a table concerning the output of the forest and logging industry.

For the year 2016 a wooded area of 11.42 Mio ha. was estimated. The amount of timber on wodded land was appoximately 3,8 billion m³, the value of this timber was 122 billion €.

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Dr. Lydia Rosenkranz

+49 40 739 62 313
+49 40 739 62 313


German national report tables within the European Forest Accounts


Involved external Thünen-Partners


Permanent task 11.2016

More Information

Project status: ongoing

List of Publications

  1. 0

    Rosenkranz L, Englert H, Seintsch B (2019) European forest accounts for Germany - Quality of data bases and accounting methods. Allg Forst Jagdzeitg 190(1-2):31-52, DOI:10.23765/afjz0002037

  2. 1

    Rosenkranz L, Englert H, Jochem D, Seintsch B (2018) Methodenbeschreibung zum Tabellenrahmen der European Forest Accounts und Ergebnisse der Jahre 2014 und 2015 : Abschlussbericht Teilprojekt 3. 2. revidierte Fassung. Braunschweig: Thünen-Institut, 86 p

  3. 2

    Rosenkranz L, Englert H, Jochem D, Seintsch B (2017) Methodenbeschreibung zum Tabellenrahmen der European Forest Accounts und Ergebnisse der Jahre 2014 und 2015 : Abschlussbericht Teilprojekt 3. Braunschweig: Thünen-Institut, 75 p

  4. 3

    Englert H, Seintsch B (2014) Aktualisierte Methodenbeschreibung zur Waldgesamtrechnung : mit Tabellen für das Berichtsjahr 2012 (endgültig) und 2013 (vorläufig) ; Projektbericht für die umweltökonomischen Gesamtrechnungen des Statistischen Bundesamtes. Hamburg: Thünen-Institut für Internationale Waldwirtschaft und Forstökonomie, 122 p

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