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Further development of emission factors for living biomass in forests

Living biomass stock in forests plays an important role in the emission inventories. Current calculation methods of carbon stock change provide only periodic estimators. Therefore, the development of methods taking into account annual fluctuations is subject of this project.

Background and Objective

In the greenhouse gas inventory the calculation of biomass follows the "stock change method" (IPCC 2006). Using these method an average country-specific emission factor (Tier 2) (lEF) is given for the time periods between the base years. In Germany data is available of three forest inventories (1987 (AB), 2002 (GD), 2012 (GD)) und one indermediary inventory (IS08), from which three lEF 1987/1993(DSWF-NB)-2001, 2002-2007 and 2008-2012 are resulting. Due to the method used there are "significant fluctuations" in biomass stock changes in the years 2001/2002 and 2007/2008, which in the current project are subject to adaption and improvement.


Evaluation and analysis of present and additional data sources related to description of interannual fluctuations of living biomass stock change. Expert evaluation of possible methods for integrating data sources into the greenhouse gas inventory by taking into account the provided approaches in the official guidelines. After selection of methods best suited for description of interannual fluctuations, technical implementation and first-time integration into calculation procedure of the operational system of the national inventory reporting.


1.2014 - 12.2015

More Information

Project status: finished


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    Röhling S, Dunger K, Kändler G, Klatt S, Riedel T, Stümer W, Brötz J (2016) Comparison of calculation methods for estimating annual carbon stock change in German forests under forest management in the German greenhouse gas inventory. Carbon Balance Manag 11:Art. 12, DOI:10.1186/s13021-016-0053-x

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