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The living and working conditions of women on farms in Germany

Cowshed with technology and farmer
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Cowshed with technology and farmer

The living situation of women on farms in rural regions of Germany - A socio-economic analysis

Agriculture is just for men? Not at all! In order to shed light on the living and working situation of women on farms and to clarify their contribution to agriculture and rural areas, the Thuenen-Institute for Farm Economics and the University of Göttingen are jointly conducting a Germany-wide study with interviews and an online survey.

Background and Objective

The importance of women for agriculture and social cohesion in rural areas is often underestimated. Women have a variety of tasks, and the role of women varies greatly from farm to farm and region to region. Women manage businesses or share this responsibility with a partner and make a major contribution to the success of the business. They are often initiators for business diversification (direct marketing, farm holidays, social services, etc.). They associate these operational tasks or also external activities with household and children, care of the (in-laws) parents and commitment in the honorary office. Many women are constantly on stand-by and ready to engage with many different jobs.

Despite the great importance of women for German agriculture, there is no current nationwide study dealing with this topic. The agricultural statistics also do not provide a real picture of the actual living and working situation or the role of women in agriculture.

Against this background, the aim of the project is to carry out a Germany-wide quantitative and qualitative study of the living and working conditions of women on agricultural holdings. This will provide an assessment and evaluation of current living conditions as well as the future prospects of women in agriculture and their significance for social cohesion in rural regions.


Target Group

Women in agriculture, agricultural interest groups, associations, public administration and policy makers.


Mixed method approach using both quantitative and qualitative methods.

Data and Methods

Workshops, Qualitative Interviews und quantitative Online-Befragung

Our Research Questions

  • Status quo of the living and working conditions of women on farms
  • New knowledge on social security, e.g. in the event of inheritance, divorce or death, gained by women in agriculture.
  • Social infrastructure and livelihoods in rural areas
  • New findings on the role of voluntary work

Involved external Thünen-Partners

Funding Body

  • Federal Office for Agriculture and Food (BLE)
    (national, öffentlich)


4.2019 - 1.2023

More Information

Project funding number: 2818LE021
Funding program: Bundesprogramm Ländliche Entwicklung
Project status: finished

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