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On the way to 30 % organic farming

Scientific monitoring and development of the German organic action plan (ZöL)

"30 percent organic farming by 2030" - that is the goal of the German government. But how far has Germany come so far? And what is needed to achieve the target?

Background and Objective

In order to give additional growth impulses to the organic food and farming sector, the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, together with representatives from business, science, politics and administration, developed the Strategy for the Future of Organic Agriculture (ZöL) in 2015/2016 and published it in February 2017. The aim of the strategy is to adapt the politicy framework at national level to support the development of the sector through appropriate measures. Against the background of the now targeted expansion to 30 percent, the ZÖL is to be further developed into a strategy of the entire Federal Government.

A corresponding expansion of organic production is to be understood as a process that politics can only advance together with the economy and science. It is important to adapt the strategy when framework conditions change or new opportunities arise. Through analyses and research, we support the BMEL in this process and show how far Germany has come so far and how the strategy could be constantly adjusted.

Preliminary Results

The organically farmed area in Germany has expanded significantly in recent years and the demand for organic products has also continued to rise. The ZöL has also contributed to this development, as numerous new support measures have been implemented in the meantime. At no time has political support for organic farming been as well anchored as it is today. However, even if the development is going in the right direction, an area share of 30 % remains a very ambitious target. A corresponding expansion is only conceivable if all relevant actors in the industry and in politics pull together and increase their efforts.

Publications to the project

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    Bosse A, Sanders J (2021) Bio Bitte? : Einsatz von Bioprodukten in Kantinen im Geschäftsbereich des BMEL : ZÖL-Bericht. Braunschweig: Thünen-Institut für Betriebswirtschaft, 6 p

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