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Ökologischer Betrieb
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59th GEWISOLA Annual Conference 2019

The 59th Annual Conference of the German Society of Economic and Social Sciences in Agriculture (GEWISOLA) will be held from Wednesday, 25 September to Friday 27 September 2019 at the Thünen Institute in Braunschweig (Germany). The local organizers are the Thünen Institutes of Farm Economics, of Rural Studies and of Market Analysis.

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The conference theme is:

"Agriculture and rural areas in the course of societal change"

Nothing is more constant than change. And every change causes new challenges. Important drivers change over time and previously neglected topics start dominating economic, political and societal discussions. We invite you to submit contributions on this conference topic. We also welcome contributions on other topics that extend the state of the art of the economic and social sciences of agriculture in terms of content and/or methodology.

Link: Here you can find the "Call for Papers" and further information about the conference.

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