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Non-peer-reviewed scientific paper by René Dechow

  1. 0

    Leppelt T, Dechow R, Gebbert S, Freibauer A (2013) Modelling nitrous oxide emissions from organic soils in Europe. Geophys Res Abstr 15:7421

  2. 1

    Dechow R, Gebbert S, Franko U, Kätterer T, Kolbe H (2013) The effect of land use intensity on soil organic carbon stocks of European croplands. Geophys Res Abstr 15:11620

  3. 2

    Kutsch WL, Brümmer C, Don C, Dechow R, Fuß R, Freibauer A, Schulze E-D, Kolle O, Ziegler W (2013) The full GHG balance over two crop rotations at an agricultural site near Gebesee, Thuringia, Germany. Geophys Res Abstr 15:12481

  4. 3

    Dechow R, Freibauer A (2012) Responses of direct N2O emissions from agricultural mineral soils on natural conditions and management - a multi site analysis across Europe. Geophys Res Abstr 14:10998

  5. 4

    Tiemeyer B, Frahm E, Dechow R, Freibauer A (2010) Hydrological modelling as a basis for the assessment of greenhouse gas emissions from organic soils in Germany. Geophys Res Abstr 12:EGU2010-11664

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