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PhD meetings

This initiative involves the establishment of regular meetings for the doctoral researchers from all research groups at the Thünen-AK. The topics of these meetings will be defined by the doctoral researchers themselves, but priorities are:

  • Forming a channel and representation to communicate the needs, priorities and specific wishes of doctoral researchers;
  • Guaranteeing peer support in all matters related to research and supervision;
  • Improving networking and skills-sharing;
  • Helping international PhD students to find new contacts and settle in better;
  • Identifying needs of specific soft-skills training, and implementing training sessions flexibly as part of the meetings in e.g. project and time management, reference management etc.

The PhD meetings will be kick-started latest in the start of the new cohort of PhD students in many groups in the autumn of 2019, and announced by the mailing lists. All new and old doctoral researchers are invited to join – invitation will be repeated regularly for newly joined students.

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