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Dr. Franziska Maria Schade

Institute of Baltic Sea Fisheries

until March 31st, 2021

Fields of activity

Research interests

  • Stock separation
  • Fisheries biology
  • Population dynamics
  • Genotype-by-environment interactions

Scientific background

2016-03/2021: Scientist at the Thünen Institute of Baltic Sea Fisheries, Rostock

2015: PostDoc at the Fraunhofer Institute for Marine Biotechnology, Lübeck, Dept. Aquaculture, Project: Reproduction and population genetic studies of the thick lipped grey mullet Chelon labrosus  

2010-2014: PhD student at the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar und Marine Research, Wadden Sea Station Sylt, Dept. Evolutionary Ecology, PhD thesis: „Coping with a changing world: adaptive mechanisms in marine three-spined stickleback Gasterosteus aculeatus”  

2010: Scientist at the University of Rostock, Dept. Aquatic Ecology, Project:  A comparison of phototrophic bacteria in dimictic lakes  

2004-2010: Study of Biology at the University of Rostock, Diploma thesis: „Blood analysis of European flounder Platichthys flesus: Spatial patterns and possible environmental effects” (in cooperation with Thünen Institute of Baltic Sea Fisheries, Rostock and Thünen Institute of Fisheries Ecology, Cuxhaven)

Publications (Thünen)

  1. 0

    Helmerson C, Weist P, Brieuc MSO, Maurstad MF, Schade FM, Dierking J, Petereit C, Knutsen H, Metcalfe J, Righton D, Andre C, Krumme U, Jentoft S, Hanel R (2023) Evidence of hybridization between genetically distinct Baltic cod stocks during peak population abundance(s). Evol Appl 16(7):1359-1376, DOI:10.1111/eva.13575

  2. 1

    Schade FM, Weist P, Dierking J, Krumme U (2022) Living apart together: Long-term coexistence of Baltic cod stocks associated with depth-specific habitat use. PLoS One 17(9):e0274476, DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0274476

  3. 2

    Weist P, Jentoft S, Torresen OK, Schade FM, Pampoulie C, Krumme U, Hanel R (2022) The role of genomic signatures of directional selection and demographic history in the population structure of a marine teleost with high gene flow. Ecol Evol 12(12):e9602, DOI:10.1002/ece3.9602

  4. 3

    Mion M, Haase S, Hemmer-Hansen J, Hilvarsson A, Hüssy K, Krüger-Johnsen M, Krumme U, McQueen K, Plikshs M, Radtke K, Schade FM, Vitale F, Casini M (2021) Multidecadal changes in fish growth rates estimated from tagging data: A case study from the Eastern Baltic cod (Gadus morhua, Gadidae). Fish Fisheries 22(2):413-427, DOI:10.1111/faf.12527

  5. 4

    Smolinski S, Schade FM, Berg F (2020) Assessing the performance of statistical classifiers to discriminate fish stocks using Fourier analysis of otolith shape. Can J Fish Aquat Sci 77(4):674-683, DOI:10.1139/cjfas-2019-0251

  6. 5

    Amosova V, Boje J, Brown E, Carlshamre S, Eero M, Gröhsler T, Gutkowska J, Haase S, Hommik K, Horbowy J, Jounela P, Kaljuste O, Karpushevskaia A, Krumme U, Lövgren J, Mirny Z, Neuenfeldt S, Schade FM, Stötera S, Strehlow HV, et al (2020) Baltic Fisheries Assessment Working Group (WGBFAS). Copenhagen: ICES, 643 p, ICES Sci Rep 2(45), DOI:10.17895/

  7. 6

    McQueen K, Casini M, Dolk B, Haase S, Hemmer-Hansen J, Hilvarsson A, Hüssy K, Mion M, Mohr T, Radtke K, Schade FM, Schulz N, Krumme U (2020) Regional and stock-specific differences in contemporary growth of Baltic cod revealed through tag-recapture data. ICES J Mar Sci 77(6):2078-2088, DOI:10.1093/icesjms/fsaa104

  8. 7

    Weist P, Schade FM, Damerau M, Barth JM, Dierking J, Andre C, Petereit C, Reusch TBH, Jentoft S, Hanel R, Krumme U (2019) Assessing SNP-markers to study population mixing and ecological adaptation in Baltic cod. PLoS One 14(6):e0218127, DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0218127

  9. 8

    Amosova V, Berg C, Boje J, Cardinale M, Carlshamre S, Eero M, Gröhsler T, Gutkowska J, Hommik K, Horbowy J, Huwer B, Jounela P, Kaljuste O, Karpushevskiy I, Klinger R, Krumme U, Rodriguez-Tress P, Schade FM, Stötera S, Strehlow HV, et al (2019) Baltic Fisheries Assessment Working Group (WGBFAS). Copenhagen: ICES, 653 p, ICES Sci Rep 1(20), DOI:10.17895/

  10. 9

    Moesgaard Albertsen C, Amosova V, Andersen M, Behrens JW, Willestofte Berg C, Bergenius M, Brander K, Cardinale M, Carlshamre S, Casini M, Cormon X, Eero M, Gertseva V, Haase S, Krumme U, McQueen K, Pierce ME, Schade FM, Strehlow HV, Weltersbach MS, et al (2019) Benchmark workshop on Baltic cod stocks (WKBALTCOD2). Copenhagen: ICES, 310 p, ICES Sci Rep 1(9), DOI:10.17895/

  11. 10

    Schade FM, Weist P, Krumme U (2019) Evaluation of four stock discrimination methods to assign individuals from mixed-stock fisheries using genetically validated baseline samples. Mar Ecol Progr Ser 627:125-139, DOI:10.3354/meps13061

  12. 11

    McQueen K, Paige Eveson J, Dolk B, Lorenz T, Mohr T, Schade FM, Krumme U (2019) Growth of cod (Gadus morhua) in the western Baltic Sea: estimating improved growth parameters from tag-recapture data. Can J Fish Aquat Sci 76(8):1326-1337, DOI:10.1139/cjfas-2018-0081

  13. 12

    Eero M, Carlshamre S, Stepputtis D, Krumme U, Maioli F, Prista N, Schade FM, Santos J, Noack T, Valentinsson D, Nilsson H, Feekings JP, Storr-Paulsen M, Plikshs M, Bergström U, Håkansson KB, Radtke K (2019) Report on eastern baltic cod bycatch in non-targeted fisheries, mixing with western baltic cod in SD24, and stock situation in SDS 27-32. Copenhagen: ICES, 69 p, ICES Sci Rep 1(76), DOI:10.17895/

    Publications (previous)

    1. 0

      Ahnelt H, Schade FM, Wegner KM (2016) Ocean acidification leads to deformations of claudal vein angio-architecture in juvenile threespine stickleback Gasterosteus aculeatus Linnaeus. J Fish Dis 39(8):1001-1005, DOI:10.1111/jfd.12417

    2. 1

      Schade FM, Raupach MJ, Wegner KM (2016) Seasonal variation in parasite infection patterns of marine fish species from the Northern Wadden Sea in relation to interannual temperature fluctuations. J Sea Res 113:73-84, DOI:10.1016/j.seares.2015.09.002

    3. 2

      Schade FM, Shama LN, Wegner KM (2014) Impact of thermal stress on evolutionary trajectories of pathogen resistance in three-spined stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus). BMC Evol Biol 14:164 ff., DOI:10.1186/s12862-014-0164-5

    4. 3

      Schade FM, Clemmesen C, Wegner KM (2014) Within- and transgenerational effects of ocean acidification on life history of marine three-spined stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus). Mar Biol 161(7):1667-1676, DOI:10.1007/s00227-014-2450-6

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