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Institute of

OF Baltic Sea Fisheries


General description

CODEX is based on a discussion when SORTEX was presented to the fishery. Similarly to the concept of SORTEX, CODEX intends to separate cod and flatfish in the extension section of the trawl, whereas CODEX involves only one codend. Flatfish are being guided into the codend through a rather flexible entry in the lower part of the tunnel (a). By a panel (b), cod are guided towards the escapement opening in the upper part of the extension section.

Report data

Here you can find the cruise reports of the RV Clupea #338 and #340.


Movie: CODEX

Movie: Ein Cabrio für Dorsche

technical description

isometric view of CODEX (basic drawing)

Figure above: CODEX drawing of initial setup, including a steel frame. Current tests were conducted with a more flexible frame.

other devices to avoid bycatch of cod

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