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Automated measurement of bio-aerosols

Automatted bio-aerosol sampler
© Thünen-Institut
Automatted bio-aerosol sampler

Development, construction and evaluation of an automated bio-aerosol sampler for 24 h measurements at animal houses

Planned construction of animal houses lead more and more often to resistance in the local population. The reason: Emission of bio-aerosols. We develop measuring systems to collect valid data and provide them for health assessment.

Background and Objective

The air in animal houses contains large amounts of micro-organisms like bacteria and molds, which get also with the exhaust air to the outside. These emissions show great fluctuations, therefore, valid measurements should be conducted continuously, also at night. At present time there exists no suitable measuring system. For this reason we are developing an automated bio-aerosol sampler.

Target Group

For estimation of effects of bio-aerosol emissions on the population valid data are needed. Our sampling systems help regional authorities, environmental auditors and engineering consultants who conduct measurements: Thus they can better assess possible risks.


AGI-30 Impingers are typically used for the collection of bio-aerosols in salt solutions. We developed a system that automatically fills a modified Impinger with salt solution and pump it after the sampling together with the collected bio-aerosols into a modified cooling box, in which it is stored at 4 °C up to the analysis in the lab.

Data and Methods

In our laboratories and workshops we combine microbiological knowhow with microcontroller techniques and precision mechanics to build prototypes.

Our Research Questions

How can we automatically and continuously collect bio-aerosols the best?


The actual system takes automatically up to 12 single probes in user-defined time intervals. The goal is a system that can sample up to 48 single probes.

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