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Institute of

WO Forest Ecosystems


Carbon and nutrient storage of forest sites of Rhineland-Palatinate

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The increasing demand for raw wood results in an increased use of forests. Recording the element budgets of all ecosystem compartments (vegetation as well as humus layer and soil) as completely and differentiated as possible is required in order to evaluate the ecological consequences of different intensities of forest utilisation and to draw a conclusion about the importance of stocks of compartments which have attracted little attention in the past. During the present project biomass and nutrient stocks of the different ecosystem compartments are obtained for the 165 sites of the Soil Condition Survey (BZE) of the German federal state Rhineland-Palatinate.

Background and Objective

The main emphasis of previous studies on element budgets of forests was on the main forest stand. The compartments ground vegetation, rejuvenation, understorey, dead brushwood, coarse humus as well as aboveground and belowground deadwood have received little to no attention so far. The objective of the project is to investigate the amount and distribution of plant biomass and nutrients of the different compartments of forest ecosystems as completely and differentiated as possible. Therefore, the 165 representatively distributed sites belonging to the BZE of Rhineland-Palatinate are used.


  1. Data collection in the forests and laboratory analyses
  2. Data preparation and calculations
  3. Compilation of data, creation of a data base and data check
  4. Evaluations
  5. Final report (published)


Final report:

Wellbrock N, Bielefeldt J, Eickenscheidt N, Bolte A, Wolff B, Block J, Schröck HW, Schuck J, Moshammer R (2014) Kohlenstoff- und Nährelementspeicherung von Waldflächen des forstlichen Umweltmonitorings (BZE) in Rheinland-Pfalz. Braunschweig: Johann Heinrich von Thünen-Institut, 156 p, Thünen Rep 16

Involved external Thünen-Partners


9.2010 - 1.2014

More Information

Project status: finished


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