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Peatland Protection in Germany

Involved Institutes LR Institute of Rural Studies

Wet peatlands are habitats of rare species.
© Thünen-Institut/Bärbel Tiemeyer
Wet peatlands are habitats of rare species.

The project aims at the development of guidelines to evaluate and optimise the ecosystem services of peatland protection projects.

Background and Objective

Germany takes considerable action to protect both the climate and biodiversity. In this context, peatlands are extremely important. Thus, the "German National Strategy on Biodiversity" contains an vision on peatland protection.

Our project aims at offering guidelines to politics, public authorities and practitioners. These guidelines provide instruments to optimise and monitor peatland management to improve both biodiversity and ecosystem services such as climate protection, nutrient retention, recreation and production.

The instruments developed in the frame of the project will help to plan, optimise and evaluate peatland protection projects at different scales. Possible synergies or conflicts will be identified.


The project encompasses all typical combinations of vegetation, land use and site characteristics of peatlands in Germany.

Modules 2 to 6 focus on indicators for biodiversity and specific ecosystem services (climate protection, nutrient retention, recreation and production).

Evaluation instruments for multiple ecosystem services will be developed and tested in modules 7 and 8. For all indicators, monitoring guidelines will be provided (module 9).

Financing options in the context of the European Common Agricultural Policy and other legislation will be evaluated in module 10. 

All project results will be summarized in a central project report; the Peatland Protection Compendium (module 11) and provided online at a webpage (module 12;


Results will be available for download from the project homepage (Unfortunately, in German only).

Links and Downloads

Involved external Thünen-Partners

Funding Body

  • Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN)
    (national, öffentlich)


10.2011 - 10.2014

More Information

Project funding number: FKZ 3511 82 0500
Project status: finished


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