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Improving eucalypt and poplar wood properties

Involved Institutes HF Institute of Wood Research

Improving eucalypt and poplar wood properties for bioenergy (TreeForJoules)

TREEFORJOULES based on the translational collective expertise of the members of the consortium in the genomics of wood, the production of full-sib progenies, and existing genomic resources. The working group consists of researchers from public and private organizations that are at the forefront of their work.

Background and Objective

The overall objective of the project TREEFORJOULES is to identify the key factors that underlie the physicochemical properties of cell walls based on playing a key role in the difficulty of these sustainably produced raw materials as a source for the efficient production of second generation biofuels to use.


The work plan consists of four work packages, of which 29 developed deliverables and 16 milestones to be achieved. The BFH is in preparation of 9 and deliverables involved in the achievement of 10 milestones. In WP1 are candidate genes as potential regulators of wood formation are identified and characterized. The Forest Genetics will conduct a transcriptome analysis of Xylemzellen candidate gene inactive and produce (RNAi) transgenic poplars. The wood chemical properties of wood is self-involved to identify and analyze the bioenergetic potential of the wood. The Wood Biology examined transgenic wood with innovative microscopic and microspectroscopic methods.


Links and Downloads


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