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AT Agricultural Technology


Development of a drone-based bioaerosol collector

Lead Institute AT Institute of Agricultural Technology

CAD drawing of the novel bioaerosol collector
© Thünen-Institut

Development of a drone-based bioaerosol collector

The spatial distribution of bioaerosols in the environment of intensive livestock husbandry is calculated almost exclusively by computer models, because bioaerosol measurements are relatively complex and have so far been carried out only on the ground. We want to show another way.

Background and Objective

So far, little is known about the actual spatial distribution, the possible dispersion distances and in particular the vertical dynamics of airborne microorganisms around animal sheds.


The project will develop a bio-aerosol collection system for use on small unmanned aerial vehicles (drones). For the first time, the large-scale distribution of airborne microorganisms around animal houses should actually be measured and not just simulated. The data serve to improve dispersion predictions for bioaerosols and thus make an important contribution to the question of safe distances between animal sheds and neighboring buildings.


9.2018 - 8.2019

More Information

Projekt type:
Project status: finished

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