Sea angling in Germany


 (c) Thuenen-Institut/ Marc-Simon Weltersbach

DCF (Data Collection Framework): Nationwide survey of private households regarding sea angling in Germany in the framework of the National Fisheries Data Collection Program

In the last decades recreational fishing has seen a rapid development worldwide. The numbers of anglers has increased substantially in the developed countries but also in the developing world. Moreover, the recreational fishery has seen many technological improvements.

Background and Objective





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Funding Body

  • European Union (EU)
    (international, öffentlich)
  • Bundesland Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
    (national, öffentlich)


6.2013 - 6.2018

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Project status: finished


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  2. Strehlow HV, Schultz N, Zimmermann C, Hammer C (2012) Cod catches taken by the German recreational fishery in the Western Baltic Sea, 2005-2010: implications for stock assessment and management. ICES J Mar Sci 69(10):1769-1780

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