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Location manager Waldsieversdorf

  • Volker Schneck

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Dr. Mirko Liesebach

Head of Unit Provenance Research and Forest Tree Breeding

Dr. Mirko  Liesebach
Sieker Landstraße 2
22927 Großhansdorf
+49 4102 696 156
+49 4102 696 200

University degrees in forestry sciences (temporate forestry, and tropical and subtropical forestry) Georg-August-University, Göttingen

graduated forest servant (Forest commission of Lower Saxony)

M. Sc. in Water and environment (civil engineering) University Hannover

and PhD in biological sciences at the University of Hamburg

Aspects of scientific work:

provenance research of different broadleaves and conifers

forest tree breeding to improve stability and growth

conservation and use of forest genetic resources

regulations on forest reproductive material

management of fast growing tree species an agricultural sites in short-rotation coppice

Chair of the section Forest Genetics / Forest Tree Breeding in the German Union Forest Research Centres (DVFFA);

Chair of IUFRO 2.02.11 - Norway spruce and Scots pine breeding and genetic resources; Working group of the forest tree breeding centres in Germany; Working group of the federal government and the federal states Bund/Länder-AG: Forest genetic resources and regulations on forest reproductive material; European Forest Genetic Resources Programme (EUFORGEN);

National representative at the OECD Forest Seed and Plant Scheme;

Foundation tree of the year (member of the board of trustees) 

Chairing / participating in scientific projects:     

GenTree: Optimising the management and sustainable use of forest genetic resources in Europe.
Duration 2016-2020

Trees4Future: Designing trees for the future
Duration 2012-2016

FitForClim: Procurement of highly productive and suitable forest reproductive material for future forests under climate change.
Duration 2014-2016

FastWood III: Breeding and characterisation of poplars of the section Populus and Robinia pseudoacacia.
Duration 2015-2018

Buchensaatgut: Forest management in approved seed stands of European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) for the production of high-quality reproductive material.
Duration 2014-2017

FichteTrockenheit: Drought exposure and adaptive potential of different Norway spruce populations.  
Duration 2016-2018




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    pdf document (limited accessibility) 10741 kb
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Results 141 - 150 of 154

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