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Sea Fisheries




Herwigstraße 31

27572 Bremerhaven

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Prof. Dr. habil. Joachim Gröger

Research interests

  • Pelagic fishes
  • Management advice
  • Mathematical modelling
  • Ecosystem approach
  • Biometry


  • Development of economic indicators Risk assessment in fisheries management
  • Analyses of fishing effort (log-book data and VMS) and its relationship with fishing mortality and population dynamics of fish stocks with the aim of adjusting fishing capacity to fishing opportunities
  • Population dynamics and assessment of pelagic fish stocks (herring, mackerel, horse mackerel, blue whiting and sprat) in the North Sea and North Atlantic.
  • Contributiuons to Advisory Committees of the European Union (STECF) and ICES committees Advice to BMELV, BMU and EU in relation to fisheries management Conduction of international herring larvae surveys in the North Sea


Master studies "Diversity & Evolution" (Modul WPM 7) and "Marine biology" (Modul WPM 18) of the Institut für Biowissenschaften at Universität Rostock:

  • Biostatistics, with SAS-applications
  • Population dynamics of fish, with SAS-applications


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