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Ökologischer Betrieb
Ökologischer Betrieb
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Economic evaluation of husbandry systems with different animal welfare levels

Lead Institute BW Institute of Farm Economics

Different posture levels
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Germany wants to be a pioneer in animal welfare and has stricter requirements for this than most other countries in the world. An important milestone was the abolition of cage systems for laying hens. But is everything all right now? All the farming systems currently in use have their weaknesses and there is still no way in sight to overcome them.

Background and Objective

In order to develop a path to a better future, the Thünen Institute first conducted a comparative analysis of the current husbandry systems. Together with farmers and advisors, criteria were developed to objectively evaluate the different husbandry systems.


In the first step, biological-technical production figures were compared for each husbandry system in order to derive causes for differences in full costs in the next step. The estimation of production costs in the investigated husbandry systems was carried out on the basis of farm branch evaluations, which provided valuable information.


Permanent task 1.2018 - 1.2024

More Information

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Project status: ongoing

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