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Fishery Research Vessel “Solea”

The "Solea" cruises in the sea regions with  middle-water fishing (Baltic Sea, North Sea). Pelagic and bottom trawl nets, beam trawls, biological sample trawl and plankton nets as well as oceanographic sensors are used. The scattering impact of the “Solea” on fish in shallow water areas due to fright caused by underwater noise emissions is reduced to the greatest extent possible.  

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Vessel typeOffshore cutter, stern trawling
Length overall42.74 m
Beam overall10.00 m
Draft (maximum)3.80 m
Main engine950 kW
Speed (maximum)12.5 kn
Ship’s crew14 persons
Scientific crew7 persons
ShipyardFassmer Werft, Berne
BuiltJuni 2004
Home portCuxhaven
Call signDBFH
Cruise duration1 to 3 weeks
Cruise days per yearabout 270

Solea solea is the scientific name for sole, for which the northernmost habitat is the North Sea. Due to its firm white meat, sole is one of the most coveted varieties of fish and thus in high demand commercially as an edible fish.

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