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Fishery Research Vessel “Clupea”

The "Clupea" mainly works in the areas of coastal fishing in the southwestern Baltic Sea, but can also be deployed in the North Sea. Pelagic and bottom trawl nets, set nets and long lines, biological sample trawl and plankton nets are used, as well as oceanographic sensors.

The "Clupea" is the newest of the three fisheries research vessels (launched on September 15, 2011). The ship is nearly 29 meter long, but only has a draft of 2.30 meters. This is ideal for operating in flat coastal areas.

Link to the current position

Vessel typestern trawler
Length overall28.80 m
Beam overall7.70 m
Draft (maximum)2,30 m
Main engine478 kW
Speed (maximum)11 kn
Ship’s crew5 + 1 persons
Scientific crew4 persons
ShipyardFassmer Werft, Berne
Home portRostock (Marienehe)
Call signDBFM
Cruise durationdaily cruises and cruises up to 5 days
Cruise days per yearabout 290

Clupea harengus is the scientific name for herring. Large quantities of herring have been traded in Europe since the Middle Ages.

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